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Walter has been a strong voice for conservative values for the last 20 years. He is a champion for people's first, second and third amendment rights. 

As a Candidate

The good lord Jesus inspired Walter to start his own business in 2010 as a subsidiary to his father's coal burning leather tannery. This independence and commitment to excellence has led Walter to seek public office so he can bring free market thinking back to the U.S. Capitol

As a Man

A leading voice for Men's rights, Walter firmly believes that if you're not packing, you're lacking. 

As a Father

Walter believes strongly in family values. Ever since learning of his adult child, Jessica at the age of 40, he has dedicated himself to fatherhood. Which is why we can't allow non-Christian adoption in this country. 


Believe in God and all things are possible. That's what led Walter to winning three consecutive company sponsored 5ks. He is the champion we need for the country we love.

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